Monthly Membership

د.إ 500

Introducing our exclusive Monthly Membership, a haven for new mothers and their little ones.

These classes will primarily continue to focus on bonding with your baby through baby massage – with adaptations for your growing child.

Join our nurturing community where you’ll find expert guided sessions to promote bonding, development and self care.

Each month, you and your baby will embark on a weekly journey of discovery through interactive play, gentle exercises and special guest appearances to help with everything from breastfeeding, sleep routines, tummy time tips to starting solids and many more topics!

As a member, you’ll gain access to a supportive network of fellow mothers, create lasting friendships all while fostering your baby’s growth in a warm and enriching environment.

Available exclusively for those who have completed the Baby Massage course with us

Pay as you go monthly membership

Consists of 1 class per week in each month

4 classes a month

Location will be disclosed at time of purchase

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