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here are the most frequently asked questions.

What is the location of your in person group classes?2023-09-08T12:07:32+00:00

Currently we run our classes from Crimson Chambers, The Sustainable City.

We have plans to add to this location in the coming months, so stay tuned!

How long are the classes?2022-09-11T12:30:22+00:00

They range from 60-90 minutes – it depends on how long we chat for!

Who massages my baby?2022-09-11T12:30:30+00:00

You! We will teach you all the massage strokes whilst demonstrating on a doll – you will practice on your baby.

What if my baby is sleeping or doesn’t want to be massaged?2022-09-11T12:30:35+00:00

No problem! In this instance we have spare dolls that you can practice the massage strokes on until baby is ready for you to try on him/her.

How many babies/mummies are in each group class?2022-09-11T12:30:44+00:00

We want to be able to give each mummy and baby our full attention, so in addition to both of us being in each class we also keep the class sizes small and intimate with no more than 10 mummies.

What if my baby cries/needs feeding/needs a diaper change?2022-09-11T12:30:50+00:00

The baby’s needs always come first – so if your baby is crying and needs a cuddle then please do this (or let one of us give him/her a cuddle while you practice on the doll!)

Similarly, if your baby needs to be changed or fed you should stop and attend to his/her needs first.

You don’t need to worry about missing anything or disrupting anything – all babies cry and we are happy to help you catch up with anything you miss, that’s why there’s always 2 of us in each class.

What do I need to bring to the in person classes?2022-09-11T12:30:57+00:00

Just your baby! We will provide you with oil for the massage, a clean and comfortable mat for baby to lie on, a mat and a pillow for you and some toys.


(For online or private classes we will let you know what you need in prior to the first class.)

Can I bring my mum/husband/nanny to the classes?2022-09-11T12:31:03+00:00

Yes! In fact we love it when another special person comes with mummy to the classes, it gives mummy additional support and we are all about support for mums!

What are the advantages of the private classes?2022-09-11T12:31:09+00:00

The biggest advantage is that the classes are arranged at a time and date that is suitable for you and your baby. So we can fit around naps/work/pick up or drop off times etc.


Other advantages are that the classes are done in the privacy and comfort of your own home and we can tailor the classes to your baby’s individual needs/age.

What if I miss a class?2022-09-11T12:31:14+00:00

We will try our best to fit in the missed class before the next scheduled one.


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