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Our vision is to create a supportive, nurturing and caring environment for mamas and babies to come and learn baby massage and yoga, with a special focus on inclusion.

The classes are intended to help mamas feel supported at a point in their lives where they could be feeling very overwhelmed, lonely or simply just wanting to do a fun activity with their little ones. We want to create a support network around them – so they can be part of a mama tribe and support each other, as well as learn and enjoy a new skill.

Baby Massage – 5 classes

Our baby massage classes incorporate some light baby yoga as well as some meditation & relaxation for mama. These classes are part of a 4 week course and each week we will cover the curriculum set by the IAIM, who are the gold standard of baby massage. These classes are for babies from newborn up to crawling and kids of determination up to age 8.


We are Ivana & Belle



I moved to Dubai almost 10 years ago with my husband and 3 years ago I became a mom to a little boy who is my greatest teacher and inspiration.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy and 7 years of experience with Kids of Determination. Also, I am a licensed Yoga practitioner for Kids of Determination and a Vinyasa Yoga teacher.

Currently, my focus is on incorporating medical knowledge with a holistic approach to create the most loving and supporting environment for babies and kids of all abilities, and baby massage is providing me with an amazing space for that.

I truly believe that conscious, nurturing touch can change the way you parent and the way you connect with your child. It is a powerful tool that you will be able to use for many many years to come.



I moved to Dubai from the UK with my husband in 2016 for a new adventure. Little did I know that the true adventure would begin in 2019 when I had a baby boy called Leo!!
Having a baby away from family and friends was really hard and I sought out ways to help me through the motherhood journey – which is when I took the IAIM massage classes with Leo.

I loved the classes and learnt so much that I turned my back on my HR career and trained to become a CIMI (Certified Infant Massage Instructor) with the IAIM and now I want to bring this support, positivity and knowledge to your life and your baby’s life!

I absolutely love babies and will be the first one to offer up my arms in the class if you need someone to hold your baby – although Ivana is super fast and sometimes gets in there before I do!

I really look forwards to meeting you and your little one and helping you strengthen your bond with your baby by giving you the tools to help you understand his/her needs.


  • Tummy time group

    Tummy Time Group

  • Tummy time private

    Tummy Time Private

  • Introduction to baby massage & colic workshop (private)

    Baby Massage & Colic Private

  • Introduction to baby massage & colic workshop (group)

    Baby Massage & Colic Group

  • Private Online

  • Private In Person

  • Group Online

  • Group In Person

What the others said about us

“Thank you so much Belle & Ivana for a wonderful course and graduation. We had the best time. Baby momma time isn’t perfect, sometimes there are tears but thank you for giving us a safe space for that. Last but not least wonderful meeting all mums and babies. So super rare to be in a great group like this.”

Carina & Fausto, May 2022

“It’s been so lovely to attend this class with such a nice group of supportive ladies! So informative too! Thank you Ivana and Belle you special ladies!”

Kayley & Luna, May 2022

“100% the best class/group I have been to since giving birth to Eliza! Belle and Ivana you ladies are amazing and yourselves and your classes have been a much needed breath of fresh air every week!”

Kate & Eliza, May 2022

“It was such a precious experience to attend the course in so many ways. I’ve learned a lot, got wonderful support and advice, met such lovely girls and their beautiful babies….Every single class was a treasure for me in this chaotic period of first month with my baby. Thank you Ivana and Belle to the moon and back and thank you ladies and babies.”

Nevena & Stefan, May 2022

“The relaxed and thorough approach in the classes helped me to understand what we were doing and why, techniques to help soothe an irritable baby and I also learnt how ticklish he is!”

Rashta & Idris, October 2021
We absolutely loved our course with Tiny Yogi Massage! Of all the groups we have been to, Belle and Ivana provided the most warm welcome by far. Their caring and loving approach to all of the babies, mummies AND daddies was remarkable and we felt so seen, heard and understood. We would recommend their course a million times over!
Jemma & Ralphie, October 2022
Honestly words can’t describe how awesome you guys are!

Tilly and I loved our Tiny Yogi massage class! The massage techniques have been super useful in helping our baby girl with her gassy stomach, and calming her in general. She loves the face massages!

Beyond the massage, Belle and Ivana have created a warm and welcoming space for new mums to bond and discuss everything related to the new journey that we’re all on. The classes are supportive, accommodating and so much fun – I’d highly recommend Tiny Yogi Massage to all mums!

Jessica & Tilly, October 2022
Also I asked jared to write something as a dad:

As a dad it was a great opportunity to join in on a weekend class! It’s rare to be included in courses like these, but I’m so glad I was able to join in. The massage techniques I learnt were great, and helped me to bond with my daughter in a new way. If I wasn’t at work I would have signed up for the full course by myself! Highly recommend it.

Jared & Tilly, October 2022


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